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“Today, to connect with buyers, you have to stop pushing your message and start attracting your customers. The rules of marketing have changed and the key to winning is to use that change to your advantage.” Braian Halligan e Dharmesh Shah

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Hot Site & Link Your Bio

Get hot site add in your Bio and gain golden insights, pageviews and sales.

Artificial intelligence

We provide A.I analytics reports insights for your business growth with strategy.

Digital Tools

We provide Ecommerce store, lead capture, chat connect, social media manager, faq and more for you relationship to your Leads and Clients

Ecommerce & ChatBot

your service 24/7 what do you think? We make personal ecommerce with chatbot for your site and social media channel. Your business always online

Plans & Pricing

Pricing For Every Business



  • Hotsite
  • Link for Instagram Bio
  • Reports Analytics
  • Lead Capture
  • 24h/7 E-mail Support



  • Essential package and
  • A.I insights
  • Ecommerce store
  • Social media tool
  • Stock manager
  • 24h/7 email support



  • Professional Package and
  • Exclusive social media manager
  • loyalty program
  • 12h/7 telephone support
  • 35%OFF Anual Pay
Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

  • Inicial Setup

    Choose one plan, create a link bio for instagram, informe wording for display in personal hotsite and starting. A digital marketing expert on our team will take care of your client account and help you with anything you need 24/7.

  • What is hotsite?

    Hotsite is online web page for especific target. If you need create a VIP list clients for lauch new product, special dinner etc. At clienteia tool your business gain a exclusive URL, indicators, lead capture and insight with power artificial intelligence "A.I".
    Start today! And stay ahead of your competitors

  • How can you help my store or online business?

    Discovery your potencial Clients online, today 9 to 10 Person find products or service before buy in phisical and online store. What is you on google? If you dont think about is, then you need Clienteia software.

  • Artificial intelligence (Or only A.I) meaning?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry

  • What is the bio link?

    A “bio” on social media is a place where organizations, influencers and individuals share essential information about themselves. The bio may contain details about the nature of the business, what it sells and contact information. he “link in bio” is the clickable URL that visitors use to visit what you deem to be your most valuable online real-estate. For some it’s a product page, for others it’s a landing page or “about us” section.

  • CRM meaning?

    Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. When people talk about CRM, they are usually referring to a CRM system, a tool that helps with contact management, sales management, productivity, and more

  • Why CRM is important?

    A CRM solution helps you focus on your organization’s relationships with individual people — including customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers — throughout your lifecycle with them, including finding new customers, winning their business, and providing support and additional services.

Digital tools to boost your sales


Digital tools to boost your sales.
Can do it.